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Start enjoying what brought you here to Los Cabos!Ah yes, and now time for the fun stuff! The stuff that's made you decide that Los Cabos is the vacation or retirement destination to own! Whether it is the world class fishing, championship golf, world renowned diving, or simple relaxation that you seek; Los Cabos is sure to deliver memorable experiences that you'll cherish for a lifetime. This is what it is to live... the Los Cabos life!

Soon to come are my personally recommended providers for different activities in Los Cabos. These are companies I've used personally (and will vouch for) or those that my clients have raved about to me. You'll even get discounts at some of them just for being my client... so don't forget to ask! Feel free to email me with other recommendations or reviews as well. I'll see you out there in our wonderland, where the desert meets the sea!

Wet Fun Waterpark

Wet Fun WaterparkThere were whispers in dark corners of old taquerias. Murmurings from child-worn viejas and the barely understood rantings of their borrachos. Their legends tell of a mystical oasis in the desert where children AND their parents can frolic happily… TOGETHER! A place where symphonies are born through a blend of rushing watersides, joyful laughter and most importantly, the sweet, sweet "PSSSHHT" from opening a crisp, cold, Pacifico. Once thought to be no more than the deranged fantasy of a child ravaged mind, this paradise has emerged, a veritable Xanadu known only as Wet Fun Waterpark!

Parents of Los Cabos rejoice, for Wet Fun may be found a mere 30 minutes from the insanity of SJ's airport roundabout, in the peaceful community of Miraflores. For the cost of ONE Disneyland entrance ticket (if Disneyland accepted pesos), our entire troop can frolic amongst a mindboggling plethora of professionally built watersides ranging from "Weeee!" to "HOLY #*&@!"! 

Wet Fun Waterslides

Past the entrance gate lies a well laid out maze of meandering pathways bordered by lush, shade bearing palms which wind amongst Wet Fun's 4 different pool areas. An amazing pirate ship with toddler sized mini-slides gives way to a kids pool filled with whimsical ocean creatures and boasting an array of larger slides perfect for everyone from your ankle-biters to your older rugrats. The bravest kids can drag their poor parents up Wet Fun's gigantic plunge slides, which are large enough to compare to those found in Canadian & US water parks!

While food is not allowed in (with the exception of birthday cake and pinatas - minus chiclet), their onsite eatery "Pelicano Jack's" offers fresh, delicious amusement park food @ 1/2 the price of an amusement park. $1.50usd beers and plenty of poolside palapas ensure that Mom & Dad get some downtime too! Come early (that's before 12pm for you non-locals) for your pick of the palapas. 

I can't rave enough about this place! While truly in "the middle of nowhere", it is as close to a desert oasis as you'll find in Southern Baja!