Taste Los Cabos - From Cheap Eats to Fine Dining!

Color of Life in Mexico

I thought I liked to eat... then I met my wife! There's nothing quite like sitting down in front of a mouthwatering spread at any of our favorite fine dining restaurants or roadside taco joints and seeing her eyes light up! From freshly caught tuna to piping hot chorizo tacos, Los Cabos has something to please the palate of EVERYONE!

Here you'll find some "must try" restaurants and eateries that have become my favorites over the years. Covering every pricepoint, you're sure to find some well known favorites as well as some hidden gems here. My only hope is to share some of the delicious delights that my town has to offer!

This is a work in progress so check back often, I'll be adding new favorites every week and updating photos and information on currently posted eateries as well!



CASUAL DINING - Unique casual eateries for foodies!

Flora Fields Kitchen (San Jose del Cabo - Puerto Los Cabos Area)

A unique Los Cabos gem on ALL levels! My favourite Sunday brunch in Baja!


Sunday brunch @ Flora Fields Kitchen is about the best way to spend a lazy Sunday morning with your loved ones in Los Cabos! This unique spot is an incredible example of how to focus passion and vision into a perfectly realized dream!
Despite living on the Cabo corridor, and the hassles of rustling up our two young boys for a Sunday morning outing, I can honestly say the drive is well worth it! This place is the ideal blend of farmhouse, down home comfort and luxurious, 4 star indulgence (I know, weird right?!!). No detail has been overlooked. Think Pottery Barn meets Whole Foods... but better!

Our boys enjoy the play yard, pond, open (yet impeccably well manicured) fields and fresh air, while we enjoy the attentive & warm service, uniquely beautiful setting and most importantly, the incredible food!!

The all you can eat Sunday brunch consists of the usual pancakes, sausage, eggs, salad, potatoes & ham, however all with a gourmet twist. Brunch is served family style and every one of the staff is eager to make you feel at home, welcome, and well attended to.

I always praise service, value & quality when it is due, and at Flora Fields Kitchen... praise is most certainly due!!