The Basics (Water, Power, TV, and more)

There are no two ways about it... Electricity is EXPENSIVE here in Los Cabos, so conserve it! There a couple important things to know about CFE (the national power co.):

First off, PAY YOUR BILL ON TIME! Unlike back home, the power co. will not hesitate to shut off your power if you are even ONE day late with your payment. Next (and relating to my first point), your power bill can easily be registered & attached to your local bank account for auto payment. Get a bank account, setup autopay, it'll make your life just that much simpler.

Other payment methods include: Cash pymt kiosks @ CFE / Pymt @ Mega (grocery store) / Pymt online @ (click the top righthand corner for English)

*For assistance with CFE, ask about our Rental Assistance Services*

Carlos Slim has become the world's richest man largely due to his control of Mexico's telecommunications sector. Telmex will provide you with both phone & internet service options. When setting up a new account with Telmex for phone/internet service you can expect a wait time of between 2-10 business days before your account is active. If you are like many of us and rely on the internet to make it through your daily life, I'd suggest having your line setup well before you think you'll need it!

Your Telmex line may also be setup for autopay (see CFE commentary above). Service packages can be found by clicking HERE or by visiting the Telmex website @

*For assistance with Telmex, ask about our Rental Assistance Services*

While many properties/developments include water as a service, there are many which do not so be sure to ask about this when selecting a rental. Monthly water bills range between $20usd-$40usd/mth for the average 2-3 bedroom home/condo and $80usd-$120usd/mth for larger homes/estates with a private pool. While I have not seen autopay options for this service yet, you can make payments online @ or in person @ your local bank. Keep this bill current as the last Oomsapas billboard I passed read "Without Water, There is No Life. Without Payment, There is No Water". Hahaha, I love Mexico!

* For assistance w/ Oomsapas, ask about our Rental Assistance Services*

So what is the 1st thing people ask about when moving in? You'd think it would be any of the ESSENTIAL services above, but nope... it's SATELLITE TV (and we wonder why the US is one of the fattest countries in the world, lol)! Regardless, we are here to make you people happy so here's the 411:

You have a few local TV options. There are 2 off-air channels that you'll receive for free with the help of some good 'ol fashioned rabbit ears. Unfortunately all they play are TV Novellas (Mexican soap operas). Local TV providers include: SKY (satellite), Dish Mexico (satellite) & Megacable (cable). SKY & Megacable have similar pricing to US & CAN providers however they offer less than a dozen English language channels. Dish Mexico has packages as low as $15usd/mth when contracted through Telmex with your phone/internet line, but their English channel options are pretty dismal as well.

For those of you who cannot go without your news, football or hockey coverage, Shaw Direct (Canada) and Dish Network (US) are your only options (with the exception of watching on the internet). Due to our geographic location, and the fact that it is technically illegal to have either service outside of each respective provider's  primary country, English satellite TV can be somewhat tricky to setup on your own. Because of this, be prepared for the fees!! Initial setup of an American or Canadian satellite TV system can range from $600usd to upwards of $1,000usd+ depending on what you want or "need". 

Cabo Homes Systems a division of our company Invest Los Cabos, was initially setup for the sole purpose of helping our clients get their precious english language TV down here in Los Cabos! We offer monthly & weekly satellite TV receiver rentals, Dish & Shaw hardware, as well as installation & troubleshooting services.

** For more info, call us @ 624.157.3548 or 624.104.3340 **

Propane, commonly referred to simply as "Gas" here in Los Cabos, is used in many homes to power your hot water heater, gas range (stove), pool/jacuzzi heater and clothes dryer. Most homes & condos have stationary tanks which require refilling every 3-6 months depending on the size of the tank and your personal usage. When you call, prepared to speak Spanish and have your address handy (or be able to describe how to get to your house). Most days they'll be able to deliver same-day if you call before 12pm. 

To schedule a gas (propane) delivery, simply call Caligas @ 624.143.3800 (Cabo San Lucas) or 624.142.0122 (San Jose del Cabo).

Who likes creepy crawlies? My 8 year old son Jayden, that's who! For the rest of us, there is Terminix. While fumigation of a property's exterior is usually handled by the development's HOA, fumigation of your home or condo is YOUR responsibility and should be contracted on a regular basis to keep the scorpions, spiders and dreaded cockroaches @ bay (Hey, we DO live in the desert people!). We usually fumigate once every 3 months with the exception of the summer when we'll usually fumigate once a month or after every heavy rain. Fumigation of your entire home or condo will usually range between $35usd-$60usd depending on the size of your home. 

Terminix warranties their work for 30 days so don't hesitate to call back if their fumigation fails to immediately rid your home of pests (husbands and kids don't count).

To schedule fumigation, simply call Caligas @ 624.144.7269.


Mail & Freight Forwarding Services

Moving to Los Cabos, but can't seem to pack your entire life into one measly suitcase? Or perhaps you are an internet shopping addict like me and NEED access to all that eBay and Amazon have to offer! Either way, the folks @ Arnian Freigh Logistics can help you get your goods down here quickly and efficiently. Get your stuff to their receiving depot in San Diego, CA and they'll do the rest. Importation/shipping fees are based on the value of your item(s) and range from 25%-35% depending on the situation. Arnian is now also offering mail forwarding services as well!

Visit for more information or just give Fabiola a call @ Arnian's Cabo San Lucas office (located at the base of Pedregal in downtown CSL). She is bilingual and can be reached via phone @ (011.52) 624.105.1114 / (011.52) 624.105.1116 or via email at:

I'm often asked "So how is the postal service in Mexico?", my reply is usually "What postal service?". While a national postal service DOES actually exist, my Dad sent me a postcard during my first month here in Cabo and I received it 16 months later. Since then, I've been using Mailboxes Cabo (not to be confused with Mailboxes Etc).

Dave and his lovely wife run this mail forwarding co. from their office in Plaza Posada (right by Amerimed in downtown Cabo). They'll set you up with your own Laguna Beach, CA address and they'll facilitate transportation of all your mail down here to Cabo where you can pick it up at your leisure. Contact Dave @ (01152) 624.143.5533 or via email at: